In the primordial forests of Pennsylvania, saplings like the birch and maple tree spring forth from the fecund forest ground. Chaga grows on these trees and inherits many medicinal qualities from the earth.

Here you can purchase fresh Chaga Tea Bags. They can be brewed in steeping water and enjoyed with coffee, hot cocoa, black tea, or by itself with a spoonful of honey.

The chaga used for these tea bags is simply wrapped in muslin. The pieces of chaga are harvested from the birch tree once the tree has died and the chaga has reached a mature size. These pieces are then dried in the appropriate climate and then left to sit for about 6 to 10 months. The amount of time it takes chaga to dry can often depend upon the size of the individual piece.

Family-Owned Trade: The Story Behind Chaga Tea Bags 

Brent and Jessie Schoonover are a father and daughter pair, whose quest for chaga began in 2013, when Jess came home from college. Brent, a private logger and substantial landowner, was facing a tumultuous lumber market at the same time Jess was looking for a ‘real’ job. That is when the two discovered the family’s property was filled with healthy pieces of fully-grown chaga  and decided to share its health benefits with others.

After making their own tea to ensure it was completely safe, Brent and Jess now offer chaga tea bags for purchase. Each bag is contains about 2 oz. of chaga. You may have the option to purchase either the single sample edition, 8 bags (1 lb) for $5, or 16 bags (2 lbs) for $9. Contact Jess for orders larger than 16 bags, or 2 lbs.

All of the chaga is harvested from our property.

Contact: JessieS1025@hotmail.com

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